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Learner Promise

friendly, professional, driving tuition

I find that most of my pupils come through recommendations. Therefore I always ensure that my service and training is of the highest professional standard.

  • I will tailor a driver training program to your specific needs.
  • I will give you regular updates on your progress.
  • I will supply free professional subject notes for you to revise between lessons.
  • I will help you forward, not hold you back.
  • I will help you  prepare for your Theory and Hazard perception test.
  • I will pick you up on time from home, school, college or work.
  • I can offer advice to parents who are taking their sons and daughters for private practice.
  • I conduct mock tests where I play the part of the examiner to give not only a valuable assessment on your driving, but also an experience of what the big day will feel like.
  • I promise to make your lessons friendly and enjoyable.

This will help to accelerate your learning. Saving you time and money.

Driving Lessons Expectations…

You Can Expect

  • To become a more skilful driver.
  • To Develop a positive driving style which is both enjoyable and safe.
  • To Reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.
  • The highest standard of training so you start your motoring independence as a competent and confident driver.You are gaining a skill for life not just being trained to pass your driving test.

I believe you should look forward to your driving lessons and the time spent learning should be as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

This first lesson usually lasts for 2 hours. For subsequent lessons, a 1.5 or 2 hour lesson duration is recommended if possible, as this allows you time to become familiar with each new driving topic, and gives you time to put it into practice. You will generally learn more in one 2 hour lesson than you will in two 1 hour lessons, and the whole process of getting to test standard will be quicker. All lessons are on a one to one basis.

We also supply and update your Driver’s Record after each lesson to help you monitor your progress towards the Practical Test. This record covers the 24 key skills included in the Practical Driving Test so is a useful indicator of how you’re progressing with your driving and when you will be ready to sit the test. We can also assist with material, advice and coaching to help you through theTheory

driving you to success

Driving courses will be individually designed to suit your needs.

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